Art Elements Design Challenge – April


This was the Art Elements challenge for April, and I was stumped. I don’t have a lot of artsy things around the house to whip up something cute and fancy like all the others in this group. The month got the best of me, and by this past weekend, I had no ideas, no inspiration, no motivation… you see where I’m going with this? I almost bowed out, but since I had to do that last month for a whole other assortment of reasons, I hung in there.

Then, last night (just for emphasis — I’m talking about April 29 — the night before the reveal. For the love.) I was on the verge of panic, standing in the kitchen cutting up celery, and then… boom. There it was.

This is actually AFTER I started the process.
I was so excited that I found a project, I forgot to take a true “before” photo.

I’d noticed before that the bottom of the celery bunch looked slightly flowerish, so I decided to grab the craft paints and my watercolor book and get to work.

The first two passes were with pink and bright yellow.

Considering we’ve been seeing only grey skies and rain the past several days, I immediately went for the bright, fun colors. This initial combo reminded me of a Lily Pulitzer pattern, so I forged ahead.

When all was said and done, my “repurposed” celery stamp gave me a fairly vague floral vibe, so after fashioning a little quick greenery….

For an 11th hour project? I’ll take it.

I know this post was short and sweet, but I hope it inspired you a little to take a look at what’s within arm’s reach and make something fun! For even MORE inspiration, check out the other participants in this month’s challenge. Trust me, you will be blown. away. by their creativity and talent!



Evie & Beth








AE Team











13 thoughts on “Art Elements Design Challenge – April

  1. I’m normally one of the last minute inspiration crowd, I find thats when you get the really great ideas! Your flowers are lovely.

  2. I like the marks that celery ‘end’ left on the paper, that would great wrapping paper, all you need is plain brown paper and that celery nub!

  3. Oh Wow!! I have seen people cut potatoes to make stamps but I don’t think I have ever seen the end of a stalk of celery used. Clever!! It makes beautiful flowers. Well done!!

  4. LOL! You’re my people. In more way than one. Love how you repurposed the celery. Honestly that’s probably the only good thing I’ve ever seen done with celery 😉 It turned out amazing, the colors are perfect for this crappy nonstop rain, and the bonus is I’ll be looking forward to all my future gifts being wrapped in celery stamped paper.

  5. I love a vague flower…most of those in my garden are vague! Great last minute save 🙂 Thanks for joining in the challenge.

  6. Fantastic last moment project! I’m sure you’ll never throw celery cut offs again 😉 The cards turned out very beautiful!

  7. How is it that last-minute ideas are always the brilliant ones? 🙂 It’s great that you were able to execute it in the little time you had. Love the celery stamp, and love what you created – that’s some quick and fun artwork!

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