Cry Uncle, Wave the White Flag,… Whatever

General consensus these days is that we’ve all had just about enough.

Enough winter. Enough sub-zero cold. Enough snow. Holy hell, enough snow.

Enough school cancellations. Enough delays. Enough with the kids hanging around the house because it’s too dangerously cold to go sledding or just have any fun outside. Enough of the same kids eating every last crumb in the pantry because they are simply so bored that the act of eating seems like an entertaining activity.

Enough, winter. It’s enough already.We give up.

My Facebook feed is positively brimming with friends lamenting the same and other cries of exhaustion as this winter has kicked our collective asses. But today? Today we got a glimpse of what will come — spring. The temperature climbed only as high as the low 40s, but as far as everyone was concerned, it may just as well have been 70. I have to admit… it was really nice to walk outside and not instantly feel assaulted by air.

According to the news tonight, we’re in for a Thursday in the 50s, highlighted by thunderstorms, high winds and severe weather in some areas. In Indiana, that is quickly translated into “possible tornadoes.” Of course, right on the heels of this spring-like weather is yet another round of frigid temps and … (dare I even say it) …snow.

Go home, Winter. You are drunk.


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